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We are all about gorgeous things here at The Boss Hustle. We love gorgeous things that are the brain child of lady bosses. Jislaaik Online Shop is run by an awesome #ladyboss who has put together a collection of the coolest stuff.

There is loads of funky goodies for kids, for your office, gifts and so much more. I couldn’t pick my favourites so, instead, I am sharing the items I would use in my office.

Wall art – I am in love with this little Elephant poster but there are so many options here. I like the Nutella, Kit-Kat prints as well, so it depends on the overall look you are going for but there is a design for every room here. Jislaaik...dis lekker | The Boss Hustle

These Queen Moo blankets are beyond gorgeous. Imagine being curled up in this blanket, smashing work out. If your office is anything like mine it gets freezing in winter so this is definitely on my wish list.  These blankets are made from Merino wool which is some of the softest in the world and it keeps you warm but also cool when you get too warm, so you won’t over heat in this blanket.Jislaaik...dis lekker | The Boss Hustle

Every office needs a plant. These cotton planters make them look pretty and come in a variety of different colours to match your decor. If you are looking to add a plant to your office then consider a bamboo plant, rubber plant or ficus ali, they are also air purifying plants.Jislaaik...dis lekker | The Boss Hustle

If you are like me and keeping plants alive is a struggle then maybe a terrarium would work better. Succulents are really cool little plants and aren’t as needy as other plants. Fun fact about terrariums, the longest surviving terrarium is still alive, it is 60 years old. Jislaaik...dis lekker | The Boss Hustle

This product is under the kids decor but I think they could look pretty cool in an office. These Wooden Teepee Shelves are super cute and perfect for some books or even cute decor items. Jislaaik...dis lekker | The Boss Hustle

Pop over to Jislaaik and check out their products, what are your favourites?

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