The colour of your room can affect your mood

Have you ever walked into a room and felt calm? Or maybe you have felt anxious or stressed as soon as you walk in? This is more than likely due to the colours of the walls in the room. The colour of a room can affect your mood and if you are repainting you do need to be mindful of these affects, especially if you are painting a nursery.

Many psychologists view the idea of colour therapy with skeptism. There has been research done in the affects on colours on people recently and it has shown that colour can definitely impact on people.

Researches have shown that various colours can affect performance. A study in the US showed that being exposed to the colour red before an exam negatively affected performance. Students exposed to the colour white before an exam did 20% better than their counterparts.

So what do the different colours mean?

If you want to repaint a room or rooms in your home, think about what you will be doing in that room. You do not want to create a nursery that will over stimulate your newborn. If you love entertaining you want your entertaining area to be welcoming and bright.

Red is an intense colour that has been shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate. Red is not a great choice for a bed room but it can work in a dinning room or entertainment area.

Yellow is a gorgeous, rich colour that is often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Yellow does communicate happiness and energizes and uplifts. Research has shown that people are more likely to lose their temper in a yellow room and babies seem to cry more in a room this colour.

Blue has the exact opposite affect of red. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate and creates calms. Blue is a great colour to use in bedrooms and bathrooms. It is also a good choice for a home office. Avoid using darker shades of blue as the main wall colour.

Green helps you to unwind and is recommended for any room in the house. It helps people to relax and promotes togetherness and calm. It is believed that green can help with fertility, making it a good choice for a bedroom.

Purple is often associated with luxury and sophistication. if you used it as a secondary colour, it can add depth to your room. The lighter shades of purple are ideal for creating a restful environment.

Orange is a very vibrant colour that is perfect for an exercise room because it encourages enthusiasm and excitement.

Before you decide what colour you want to repaint your rooms, do some research on various colour options. Put some Pinterest boards together so you can see if the colours you want will actually work.

Have you used colour walls in your home or do you keep it more neutral?


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