Time Saving Tips For Easter Weekend Entertaining

Easter is around the corner and this means family and friend get together’s to celebrate. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, the long weekend often includes friends and family coming around. When you are a working mom, these long weekend are perfect opportunities to rest and catch up with your kids. The last thing you might feel like doing is preparing for guests. We have put together some time saving tips for Easter weekend entertaining that will allow you to still have time to relax.

Time Saving Cleaning Ideas

Cleaning your home before guests arrive, even if it is just family, can be very stressful especially if the kids have been home for a few days.

Get the whole family involved in the clean up. Your children can clean up their own rooms and help with things like collecting dirty dishes/clothes.

Use a catch all basket (this is such a great hack). Carry this basket with you as you clean each room and add in all the items that shouldn’t be in each room. As you go from room to room you can add items back to their correct spot. The advantage of this is that you aren’t walking from room to room with each misplaced item.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuum rather than sweep, it is quicker and more effective. Wash the floors last and do it as close to the arrival time of your guests as possible.

You could save yourself all the stress and a lot of time and hire a professional cleaner from Sweep South or one of the other similar services out there.

Time Saving Table Ideas

Use what you have around the house as decorations, this will reduce the time (and money) you have to spend in shops looking for decor. We all have vases or glass bottles/jars, these always make such pretty table decorations. Add some Easter eggs and voila simple centre piece in seconds. I have used this toilet roll hack a few times and it works so well, no one ever knows.

Cake stands work really well as a centre piece as well. You can add various items onto the stand or add something simple like this nest.

Don’t over decorate, sometimes keeping it simple is more visually appealing. I have put together some more Easter table decor ideas for you as inspiration, you can find them all here.

Image credits Pic 1 and Pic 2

We have designed some cute place card templates you can add to your table, download here.

Time Saving Easter Menu Ideas

The easiest way to save is to delegate to everyone attending but sometimes this isn’t possible or ideal.

Make sure you plan your menu in advance. Even if you are having a traditional braai that you have hosted a million times, write down what you are going to be preparing. Avoid adding new recipes to the menu unless you have stress free time to try them out before hand. Rather stick to those recipes that you know and make well.

Avoid dishes that require a lot of preparation time. You don’t want to have to get up early to start cooking and you definitely don’t want to be cooking while everyone else is relaxing. The best kind of dishes are the ones you can throw in the oven to bake or better yet, prepare the night before and leave in the fridge.

Once you have your menu planned, make a shopping list of everything you need. Before you rush out to the shops to buy everything, check what you have at home. You will probably have more items in your cupboard at home than you realise. If you are comfortable with online shopping, buy the rest of the items online. This will save you so much time (and money).

We have created a meal planning printable you can use to plan your meal and your shopping. Download it here.

You can also outsource some of the dishes to places like Frozen For You. They have the most amazing desserts that will impress your guests. They also have some delicious side dishes that will complete your meal.

Preparing the kids food often takes the most time because we forget that kids can’t wait for their lunch/dinner like adults can. Avoid this by having the kids food prepared in advance, so that if the main meal is running late, you can feed them easily.

Time Saving Tips For Cleaning Up

Entertaining is great until everyone leaves and you have to clean up, right? We have some great hacks to help you save time and end up with a clean house.

Take out the right number of plates, cutlery and glasses and set up them up where everyone can easily access them. This will prevent people from taking items from your kitchen each time they need something.

Start the event with a clean kitchen and clean dishwasher, this way you can add in dirty dishes as the day goes.

Make rubbish bins clearly visible. It is easier for people to throw their rubbish away if the bin is easy for them to find.

Entertaining should never be stressful, if it does add too much to your plate, it is ok to say no sometimes! But if you enjoy having people around, there are ways to save time and still host a stunning party.


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